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Community Room
Private Rental
Private Rental
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Private Rental
Rules and provisions of use for the Telluride Community Room:
• Events shall comply with Town noise ordinances.
• Signage shall comply with all applicable Land Use Code regulations.
• No commercial or sponsorship banners are allowed on the exterior of the building.
• Exterior use of the property must be approved.
• Vending shall comply with Town regulations.
• No alcoholic beverages allowed without a Liquor License issued through the State of Colorado and/or the local licensing authority.
• No smoking, pets, or bikes allowed in the building.
• No camping or overnight lodging allowed.

General Guidelines:
1. Only non-profit organizations may apply for use of the facility.
2. Applications are accepted up to one year in advance.
3. Applications are considered on a first come first served basis, recognizing historic uses. Town of Telluride government uses have priority over any other applications.
4. A use of greater than a four-week duration requires CCAASE approval.
5. Liability insurance coverage paid for by the user may be required depending on the type of reservation.
6. There is one off-street parking space in the east alley (permit is required).
7. Maximum occupancy is 54 people (for meetings).
8. Keys to the facility and parking passes must be picked up prior to use at the Parks and Recreation office in Town Park during regular business hours. Keys may not be duplicated. Lost keys will result in charges for re-key of the building.
9. Deposit is required with applications and payment is required at check in.

Rental Rates:
*Single day use is free (1 per calendar month).
**Day use of less than 4 hours is free.
***Additional day use of greater than 4 hours (after free day per calendar month) are $25 per day.

Community Room Notes:
All rental rates are inclusive of electric, gas, water utilities, trash, and recycling.
All users must provide their own supplies (i.e. toilet paper) clean up/janitorial service.

Damage and Clean Up Deposit Information:
A clean up and damage deposit check is required made out to the Town of Telluride. The amount of this deposit depends on the duration and scope of the building use.
* An event up to two weeks duration will submit a deposit of $100
**An event of greater than two weeks duration will submit a deposit of $500